Available Sizes: 5mm (8400 pieces/box) 6mm (7200 pieces/box) 7mm (3360 pieces/box) 8mm (3360 pieces/box) 9mm (3024 pieces/box) 10mm (1792 pieces/box) 10mm is available in the following colors: = Clear AB Golden Shadow Golden Teak Red Magma Silver Shade Silver Night Dark Sapphire Emerald Jet Light Peridot Light Topaz Medium Sapphire Topaz Violet 11mm (1568 pieces/box) 12mm (972 pieces/box) 14mm (720 pieces/box) 16mm (384 pieces/box)--- Available in Clear Dark Sapphire Jet Light PeridotTopaz 18mm (320 pieces/box) 20mm (144 pieces/box) Similar to the SPECTRA quality 8508